Our thoughts and feelings are vibrations creating infinite waves of potential

Regain and enhance all areas of your life

Change your Vibration and You Will Change Your Life

Specializing in Chronic Pain Relief
Mind Based Solutions

My Approach

My approach to healing is to uncover the subconscious patterns that prevent the full expression of vitality in every area of life and to transform them to waves of potential that match the conscious intention and goals.

I do this using mind based strategies and state of the art technology best suited to the individual and determined by expert muscle testing.

Bio-Well Assessment

The first step is to meet with Fern to discuss your health concerns and begin the process of restoring natural health. Fern will use a Bio-Well GDV Camera a revolutionary, non-intrusive way to measure the human energy field using a specialized camera and software system.

Toxins Testing

Tools for Lasting Change

Many physical and emotional imbalances are related to food and environmental toxins. Expert testing methods are used to determine the specific toxins and protocols effective in neutralizing their effects are taught and applied. We also offer nutritional recommendations including herbal support.

Meet Fern Wolf

Professional Hypnotist

Since 1999 Fern has assisted people in regaining and enhancing all areas of their health. Her focus and approach is to help you transform the subconscious mind and replace limiting beliefs with new programs that support your intentions and goals. She believes there is no such thing as an incurable dis-ease. We are 99.9999% energy and .0001% matter.

My Expertise

Hypnosis | NLP | Messages in Water

Are you Stressed, Anxious or Depressed?

My expertise will help you overcome your probelms. I use a combination of techniques to restore health and balance in your body, mind and spirit. Change your vibration and you change your life.

Are our Bodies Vibrating?

Yes. Science has proven it. Metaphysical professors lecture on it. Natural health professionals understand it and use the knowledge in working to bring full health to their clients.

Why do we Experience Sickness and "Dis-ease"?

Have you ever wondered WHY we experience sickness and ‘dis-ease’?

Traditional medicine tries to explain how we contract illnesses – but they still cannot explain why some people ‘catch a cold’ or other illnesses and others do not.

Restoring Bodies to their Natural State

At Good Vibrations Health we have the technology, understanding, products and processes that help us to get to the root of health issues and ‘dis-ease’. When the cause of a health problem is understood – it is simply a process of removing the cause and restoring our bodies to a healthy state so that they can heal themselves.


Pain and Numbness Magically Cured!

In late fall I began to experience severe pain in my shoulder and a numbing of my left arm. After several weeks of increasing pain I went to see my Chiropractor who after many treatments and x-rays found no problems and was not able to reduce the pain.

I could not move my arm and was in serious pain. I had lost all feeling in 2 fingers and my hand was numb.
I flew to see Fern in Ontario. After assessing my health using her technology, she determined the cause of my problems and gave me the remedy.

Within 2 days, I had full feeling in my arm and hand and experience no pain in my shoulder. What Fern was able to do with her knowledge was nothing short of miraculous.

Fern now helps me manage my health – and does so exclusively. I no longer see a chiropractor and my medical doctor sees me rarely – for less than 5% of any issues I experience. Mandie Crawford

Calgary Business Woman of the year 2010

Best Sleep in 15 Years

I had an initial visit with Fern and the results were amazing.

I recently called Fern for a consultation and within an hour of our session the pain in my arms and body had reduced from a 10 to a 2.

She advised me of foods to avoid and I also had some Source Energy Medicine water. I can tell you that after this session I had the best sleep I have had in 15 years and I also woke up with no pain! Fern is so knowledgeable, gifted and patient.

I highly recommend her services.” Diana B

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